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Knowing economic history may avoid to repeat it

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Paganel, antisémantique - 980920 lui écrire blog Publié le 19/04/2013 à 04:30 Demander à la modératrice de supprimer ce forum
A superpower with crippling debt, exorbitant taxes, glaring inequality, wages far exceeding those of competitors, high and persistent unemployment, lack of basic workplace skills, malnutrition, a rapidly growing rival across the ocean to the West, heated debates about the role of government in the economy, and widespread pessimism about the future. Could that be any country but the U.S. today, with China as the looming threat? Toss in costly military misadventures in the Middle East, Greece unable to pay its debts, a sclerotic domestic legal system clogging up the economy, and the rising competitor flouting copyright and otherproperty rights and relying on slave labor, and the case seems clinched. Yet this is also an accurate description of Britain around 1850, with the United States as the transatlantic rival. Surprisingly, what followed was an explosive acceleration of the Industrial Revolution that saw the UK sprint ahead of others during the “Great Victorian Boom” of the third quarter of the 19th century
Et toc !

Crushing national debts, economic revolutions, and extraordinary popular delusions

Paganel, antisémantique - 980920 lui écrire blog Publié le 06/06/2013 à 05:43 supprimer cette contribution

Non à l'immigration extraterrestre !

On a vu ce que ça avait donné pour les Amérindiens.

UFO ALIEN DISCLOSURE by Canadian Minister of Defense May 2013

Maintenant, c'est peut-être juste une carabistouille de plus pour faire passer la couleuvre du NWO.

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